The Big Studio Clearout!!

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As I have mentioned on my page, I have started to clear out and tidy my studio space. It's taken a while to get the energy flowing to tackle it, but I'm on my way. We have had a few really wet and windy days recently, not condusive to spring cleaning. I need a bit of sun to get me in the mood and here it is, on command!!!! The whole world changes when the sun comes out, lifts the spirit and brightens the outlook all around from my studio window.

Cards from Ireland, is up and running and doing well in all it's retail outlets around Co. Mayo. I need to focus now on my internet presence through help offered by and social media. I have been on several courses recently to learn how to use various social media networks to promote my business. It's all very interesting and exciting, but a bit hard on the old grey matter to absorb all the info. However, I have made a start and all is going well.

I am really enjoying my contact with all the new people I am meeting via these courses and through the 38 crafts people in Craftworks Mayo, which is an umbrella organisation for top quality crafts in County  Mayo, in the west of Ireland, who also have a facebook page. There are a variety of crafts represented including woodwork, jewellery, textiles, art cards, photographics, pottery and many others.

Well, the sunshine is calling, and so is my studio so back to the clearing out and on to some serious creativity ahead!!

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