Still in August, just!!

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My how time flies, just got in before August disappears for another year. Well I have finally finished the first of my Irish Wild Flower Collection, Bog Cotton. I love this fluffy plant with its red spiky leaves and stems, the fine hairs easily blown about by the wind and seen enmass creating carpets of soft white across the bog.

I am also working on some other wild flowers and hope to finish them in the next few weeks or so. Next week I am off to Co. Clare for a few days break and so will be visiting the Burren to see what's flowering. I have not been at this time of year before so am looking forward to be surprised. Will be taking my sketch book and maybe a few paints, but also need to rest, build up my inner resourses and charge the batteries for the coming winter!

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  1. Julie Leddy

    Beautiful work! Fabulous colours!Excited to see the amazing images you will create on your return from the Burren! :)

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